Paco Rabanne Fame Eau de Parfum Refill Bottle 200ml


Paco Rabanne Fame Eau de Parfum Refill Bottle 200ml

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Keep the desire alive with the refillable format of FAME eau de parfum. Hold onto your 80-ml bottle and refill it thanks to an innovative and easy-to-use gesture. Capturing the irresistible Parisian spirit of the Rabanne woman, FAME perfume pays tribute to a new era of femininity. Playful. Sensual. Empowered. The quintessence of avant-garde luxury, this perfume is a blend of exceptionally pure jasmine, succulent mango and an addictively sensual creamy incense. The quintessence of avant-garde luxury bursting with precious ingredients. Succulent Mango. Exceptionally pure Jasmine perfume. Addictive creamy incense. Vegan perfume Made in France. 90% natural origin. 100% crafted in Grasse from sustainable ingredients. An earth-friendly move that reduces your environmental impact by using 71% less plastic and 43% less glass*. *Using an 80ml bottle of FAME Eau de Parfum + two 200ml fame refills, when compared to six 80ml bottles of fame Eau de Parfum. Please note: this item is a refill. Please note: We are unable to ship fragrances over 150ml outside of the UK.

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