Calvin Klein CK Free Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml


Calvin Klein CK Free Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml

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This powerful scent embodies the freedom of the open skies. A scent that inspires a life without boundaries, embracing the comfort found in spontaneity. A richness found in true ambition and clarity, paving a new way forward. A fresh take on masculinity, CK Free for Men is built on a base of warmth. Woods collected from around the world, such as Costa Rican ironwood and Texan cedarwood, represent a well-traveled and confident man. At heart, this eau de toilette reflects traditional masculinity with notes of buchu, suede, coffee absolute, and tobacco leaves. A lingering top layer of absinthe, jackfruit, Thailand star anise, and juniper berry contributes a soft complexity. CK Free for Men After Shave Balm symbolizes effortless confidence and ambition. The signature of a man who embraces life spontaneously. Top notes: Absinthe, jackfruit, Thailand star anise, juniper berry Heart notes: Buchu, suede, coffee absolute, tobacco leaves Base notes: Costa Rican ironwood, oakwood, patchouli, Texan cedarwood

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